Notes from a Jersey Girl

by Lisa G Westheimer

A Big How Do You Do from Me to You!!!


If I had a nickel for every time someone would reply to one of my very long e mail missives, “you write so well, you should have a blog” I could have a nose full of them.  (It’s an unsubstantiated, read: most likely untrue, family legend that “A Nose Full of Nickels” was a song composed and sung by Pat Cooper allegedly inspired by my Uncle Rusty’s (Orestes Gialanella the Butcher from Newark) nose, but I’ll save that for another time. (BTW Google says it’s untrue, that “A Nose Full of Nickels” is a country western song but what do they know anyway and this makes a much better story)

Yes, I do love to write, I do love to tell stories, and I have a lifetime’s worth to share.  I just never had a venue until this momentous day.  The day I finally got a blog.  I bit the bullet but so far haven’t drunk the Kool-Aid, but it has become more and more apparent that it’s time to share, to join the Ethernet universe, and tell my stories.  And  thanks to my husband Bill and our indispensable secret weapon of an assistant Lin, who set up the framework while I was off getting a haircut and a dye job (this time day glow orange and yellow, just on top (don’t want to be gawdy,) today is the day!

Please join me in my recollections of a past that reads like fiction (well most of it is true, I am known to embellish) and allow me to tell you what is important to me and why, what really enflames me and why, and what I try to do about it and how.

Whatever, I just hope to get my story out there.  I need to know that my life matters.  Doesn’t everyone?  I’ve always, from day one, been the kid that has her nose pressed up against the glass, dying to get in and be with everyone else.  I’m the one that had to practice the violin while everyone else played outside.  Alot went on in the lonely little brain of mine until one day, when I wasn’t looking, life transformed.  I got shot out of a cannon and haven’t landed yet.  While I wasn’t looking, life happened, and what a life it has been so far!!!



Author: Lisa G Westheimer

I am a ceramic and glass artist living and working in West Orange, NJ, USA. I have a masters degree in ceramics from Montclair State University and teach at the Montclair Art Museum, both in Montclair, NJ. Prior to this I was co-owner of "The Manhattan Expedition Inc" and was a NYC Building Code and Zoning Specialist in Manhattan, my main claim to fame as a Loft Conversion Specialist in Soho and Tribeca in the 1980's and 1990's, and a specialist in Landmarks Preservation and Special Places of Assembly, particularly the Fashion Shows in Bryant Park and any weird sort of thing happening in Manhattan worthy of getting thrown out of the Commissioner's office. But mostly I'm a Jersey Girl, born in Rutherford, schooled in a private school in Montclair, did a stint living in Greenwich Village then Soho before fleeing to Llewellyn Park in West Orange, NJ where I learned how to clean and restore stuffed bald eagles!!!! I can mostly be found in my studio or on the campus of The Montclair Art Museum (where I teach) or on the back of my horse Buddy, either in my backyard or at a farm in Sussex County.

2 thoughts on “A Big How Do You Do from Me to You!!!

  1. Love the hair!!!


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