Notes from a Jersey Girl

by Lisa G Westheimer

A Quick Summer Muse

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It’s been an incredible summer and it’s not even August.  I think this was one of the best summers of my entire life.  I love being over 50, it means that I finally realize that I have to do everything I want to do and make everything I do count, and it means I have to be grateful for every single second of every single day because that’s all I have at any given time and I’d better make the most of it.

We went to:

Newport Rhode Island to see the Volvo Ocean Racers and the team village

Cape Cod for 2 weeks with the dog and cat

Colorado and New Mexico

I went to:

A 5-day pottery workshop  in Layton, NJ

Bill went to:

France for 2 weeks while I stayed home and did all sorts of fun things with pets, friends and family

I’ll post a little bit about each, but right now I thought I’d just post this little poem that came into my head this morning.  It sums up what life is for me right now this minute, and for everyone who has aging loved ones in their lives, you’ll know exactly what I mean, but let’s just say it’s about enjoying being with my mom.


My Mother is Now 88

There’s a four leafed clover growing near the barn and a heart shaped rock in the corral this morning-

A message from above that I’m very lucky and somebody really loves me;

Sun sparkling on the grass, turning it lemon lime

A quiet before humanity gets out of bed and goes on with its day.


Crickets singing themselves to sleep in the light to arise again after sunset,

Horses still and contented, browsing through their hay, the taste of grain still in their mouths.

It is the kind of day that Mother Nature whispers in my ear,

“There may be tears soon for a very long time, so I thought I’d give you this gift.”


Author: Lisa G Westheimer

I am a ceramic and glass artist living and working in West Orange, NJ, USA. I have a masters degree in ceramics from Montclair State University and teach at the Montclair Art Museum, both in Montclair, NJ. Prior to this I was co-owner of "The Manhattan Expedition Inc" and was a NYC Building Code and Zoning Specialist in Manhattan, my main claim to fame as a Loft Conversion Specialist in Soho and Tribeca in the 1980's and 1990's, and a specialist in Landmarks Preservation and Special Places of Assembly, particularly the Fashion Shows in Bryant Park and any weird sort of thing happening in Manhattan worthy of getting thrown out of the Commissioner's office. But mostly I'm a Jersey Girl, born in Rutherford, schooled in a private school in Montclair, did a stint living in Greenwich Village then Soho before fleeing to Llewellyn Park in West Orange, NJ where I learned how to clean and restore stuffed bald eagles!!!! I can mostly be found in my studio or on the campus of The Montclair Art Museum (where I teach) or on the back of my horse Buddy, either in my backyard or at a farm in Sussex County.

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