Notes from a Jersey Girl

by Lisa G Westheimer


I am a ceramic and glass artist living and working in West Orange, NJ, USA. I have a masters degree in ceramics from Montclair State University and teach at the Montclair Art Museum, both in Montclair, NJ.

Before that I was a NYC Building Code and Zoning Specialist for 23 years.  I co-owned a company, The Manhattan Expedition Inc, specializing in loft conversions in Soho and Tribeca.  Many of my clients were notable artists and celebrities.  I was also a specialist in Landmarks Preservation and Places of Assembly, in particular, the Neue Gallerie and the Fashion Shows in Bryant Park.

This job, though very stressful and towards the end, despised, created lots of fodder for story telling which I hope to share with my followers.  Stay tuned!

I have lived in NYC- in Greenwich Village and Soho, and currently reside in Llewellyn Park, West Orange, NJ, the first gated community in the United States, once home of Thomas Edison, who’s home and factory, just outside our gates are part of the National Park System, where I learned how to restore his stuffed bald eagle, one of the highlights of my life so far.

I can be found in my studio, or on the back of my horse Buddy, either here or on his winter farm in Sussex County (up north) or on the campus of The Montclair Art Museum, where I teach ceramics and glass in their Yard School of Art.


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