Notes from a Jersey Girl

by Lisa G Westheimer

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Crossing the State Line: The Colorado/New Mexico Trip, May, 2015


We are now back from a week long trip out west. Yes they did allow this Jersey Girl into the Rocky Mountains. As far as traveling goes, this trip was smooth sailing in both directions. Usually when I go through airport security check points I get so flustered I lose a shoe, get disheveled and my suitcase explodes, but not this time in either direction, AND our flights were on time and both arrived early. A first!

Traveling on a trip arranged by my husband always has an element of risk, mainly to me. We jokingly call them “Wife Survival Tests” but sometimes they really do feel that way. I will be posting recollections of past tests- er, I mean trips and you will see what I mean. I only cried once on this trip. A record!

Our trip began at the lovely home of our dear friends Larry and Angie Gomes in Castle Rock, not too far from Denver. Larry and Bill were roommates in Aspen in the 1970’s and have kept in touch ever since. Someday I will regale you with stories from those days when they were foot loose and fancy free ski bums in the pre Disneyland incarnation of Aspen today. A part of me feels like I really missed out on those wild times of theirs while the other more rational part of me realizes that I probably would have run screaming from the likes of them and their feral ways.

What’s wonderful about being with Larry and Angie is that for every cockamamie adventure the boys have planned, Angie is there to alternately put her foot down or to concoct some parallel female adventure so I can skate around joining the fellas. And for this Jersey Girl, who thinks she’s seen it all in the over-the-top department, I have met my match in Angie.